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Rjvm - Apr 25, 2024

Batch April 17 2024. The product has nice flavor and describes accurately and most importantly a very good punch. I recommend this batch.

catskinner_22 - Apr 25, 2024

Absolute fire. Tightest buds ever.

pomme199021 - Apr 25, 2024

Ne goûtais pas le skunk du tout

pomme199021 - Apr 25, 2024

La photo est pas pentoute ce que ce cannabis a l’air j’ai été déçu il étais vert pâle et non pas de mauve du tout j’ai été déçu par ce strain mais il étais quand même pas mauvais mais pas un vrai 4A selon moi cetais un 3A

clintonbryce507 - Apr 24, 2024

It looks like that shit Ricky smokes on Trailer Park Boys lmfao long, dry ass brown buds but the price is right. You get what you pay for. Cheapest lb I've been able to find so I'll be getting more.

Shana Luci - Apr 24, 2024

Du vrai pink comme on l’aime

Shana Luci - Apr 24, 2024

Bon goût fromager 👌

bklepy - Apr 24, 2024

Bought this once and is now my favourite hash. Smells and tastes great. Really nice high

pomme199021 - Apr 22, 2024

C’est une des meilleures souche de cannawholesaler et je suis cliente depuis 2022 j’ai jamais été déçu avec cette velvet octane et je suis une grosse fumeuse je fume juste du 4A et du bon vieux kush qui sent la moufette ça s’en ai pour vrai un kush rien à dire de plus ça vaux la peine de payer pour ce pot vous serez pas déçu 115$ pour du 4A dememe tu trouveras pas ça nulle part ailleurs

phillipbouchard - Apr 22, 2024

Tastes great! Uplifting high.

tykel_richardson - Apr 22, 2024

Isn’t to good barely get a high off it and there’s no smell to it wouldn’t buy again

Rodger - Apr 20, 2024

By far my favorite couchlock smooth easy relaxing

BluntMayne420 - Apr 20, 2024

The batch that i was given tastes like a true hybrid and Kush. THC percentage seems to be higher than 29%. Since a few hits gets me buzzed up. Will probably buy more of this strain in 2 straight weeks. Along with 2 ounce mix n match budder. Pink Kush honey comb was good last time.

BluntMayne420 - Apr 19, 2024

Taste like pineapple. A lot of natural terpenes when dabbed right with a dab right. Very good for chilling to Netflix too.

pomme199021 - Apr 19, 2024

Le strain d’avant étais meilleur mais les photo ne rendre pas justice au produit mais pour ceux qui fume du bon et qui sont habitués c’est moin pour eux mais ceux qui sont consommateur moyen c’est un strain parfait pour eux belle couleur de mauve en tk j’étais pas déçu la première commande là c’est ma deuxième on va voir quand y va arriver à la maison ça l’air de quoi

neild59 - Apr 18, 2024

great taste, sticky buds, heavy high. Great price!!

BluntMayne420 - Apr 18, 2024

Ounce was shattered when delivered. But not gonna complain. I'm glad i bought this strain. Very fruity/terpy after taste from a dab rig. The high starts as a head high then relaxing body high. Will most likely get this next time.

melkhoury.92 - Apr 18, 2024

Love the hash :)

badzyrkiss - Apr 16, 2024

Très bon hash pour le prix. J’avais commandé le lundi soir et reçu Vendredi matin au Qc. J’vais en racheter d’autres, c’est certain 😎

Scott Nason - Apr 16, 2024

Phenomenal weed, highly recommend

vc_26 - Apr 16, 2024

Buy this stuff fairly ofter and usually love it but last month I got a bad batch. Had a really intense after taste of burnt plastic. Tried a couple dabs but the taste made me want to throw up. Sticking to the in-house from now on

mitchycash - Apr 15, 2024

Too many stems and too much shake

Ben - Apr 14, 2024

Garbage! I ordered this strain because of the good reviews but don't get fooled but this! I was so disappointed the buds did not look like the picture at all. Smell was weak and the high was medicore!

Dundas_SOS - Apr 14, 2024

Very leafy, so much stems taste is not good looks better in pictures than in person

andywax24 - Apr 14, 2024

Big gas 💪🏾 after 3 strike I sleep 3 hours haha not for the day ish

happydude584 - Apr 06, 2024

April 6,2024 ,just got a quarter pound,big buds ,smells delicious, smokes nice ,great buzz,great price . Thank you 🙏 I love it

patrick.royer - Apr 05, 2024

Best deal on the market so far. Very High potency for sure guys along with all the other qualities of a good Hash. I wish I knew the THC %.

Ernie - Apr 05, 2024

Very nice tasting bud good value.

BluntMayne420 - Apr 05, 2024

Can't wait to dab some terpy shatter 👍👍 Picked this Sativa strain. Mainly for fatigue and day time smoke. Will review once my order is Delivered. Love buying my medical weed from here. 5 stars 🌟

James Moore - Apr 04, 2024

Nice daytime weed for the price. Small buds though.