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Mike Dodd - Dec 29, 2022

Just finished burning one . Good Buzz, Will buy again ..

Mike Dodd - Dec 29, 2022

Just finished burning one, mixes well for easy rolling. Not harsh at all and burns well . Will buy again ..

steevesbrett7 - Dec 28, 2022

Pretty good smoke for a AA have now bought 2 different orders

Ernie Wood - Dec 28, 2022

Good practical name. Really tired of all the silly names for kush. Bud is as described. Good deal for the money.

Apexlion - Dec 24, 2022

Great bud. Fuzzy. Has a lime’y mocha smell to me. Smokes great. Exotic nose always hits ya when you open the jar.

mkultrapro123 - Dec 23, 2022

Really great i buy 1 qp but i should oder more the buds are really great the size are really good .the smell and taste are $^$&# good Parfait acheter la lbs direct selon moi Lodeur est vanillé un peut cest parfait. Jumeller plusieurs 1/4lbs (rabais 15%) Tout est parfait meme dans le bas de game (greenhouse)

mkultrapro123 - Dec 23, 2022

Wow the smell is really good oder 1/4qp should oder more. L'odeur est vraiment fantastique ne vous laisser pas avoir pas le bas prix cest du solid

DeeBeeOhh - Dec 22, 2022

Great smelling sativa, buds are on the airy side but caked in hella crystal. oh so frosty buds

diokdiok - Dec 21, 2022


E420 - Dec 21, 2022

Good quality buds, it has a nice earthy woody and piney aroma. medium - small size buds and a but harsher than other's i've have tried but great for the price!

E420 - Dec 21, 2022

Great quality bud for the price it has a nice pungent earthy/pine and citrusy aroma, buds are caked and cured well. Medium - larger buds! defiantly would try this one again! :)

cathycrosby97 - Dec 19, 2022

very good product for price, nice texture, breaks up nice with little heat, buzz is very nice blend of both sativa and indica, nice in small doses, wonderful to get stuff done, but if you lay into it and veg the idica will come into play, only complaint, it looks nothing like the pic, it is black with a reddish center

mgoudreau168 - Dec 19, 2022

good weed best price

neleak472 - Dec 19, 2022

For the price it was a really good ounce Nice nugs with a pleasant taste and smell in the bag Did not have a bad smell at all

Ernie Wood - Dec 16, 2022

Good flavour and potency. Bud received is what was described. I would definitely purchase again.

Ernie Wood - Dec 16, 2022

Great product reminds me of the good old days. Highly recommend for chronic pain. Still a little pricey and I did not like the container but otherwise good product.

dboxell15 - Dec 14, 2022

Good shatter but not near as clear as the description states but well worth the price

diokdiok - Dec 14, 2022

Smell not bad, smokable... for the price, would buy again!

raytech01 - Dec 13, 2022

i must admit i was sceptical about ordering this hash after seeing some of the last reviews, but i ordered a small piece to check it out, come to find out this is great hash for the price, i was considering it strongly when it was 100 an once but now even better, i love the taste and smell, the high was what i was looking and for the price a real bonus, will definitely be getting some more, the texture was also real good with what was send to me

philipperenaud45 - Dec 13, 2022

The product i recived is totaly different of the one shown on the site. Big deception.

robert jones - Dec 13, 2022

very nice .sticky buds lots of crystal,nice daytime

ian.03 - Dec 12, 2022

Awesome stuff, Smell is fabulous Taste fucking good I'll be back!!

guitarpicker401 - Dec 10, 2022

Very solid buds no bad after taste fantastic deal for the dollar " highly " recommended thank you for another great product

User420 - Dec 08, 2022

I'd like to give this 3.5 stars. But it's not an option Smell of the flower itself isn't that great. I guess some people would like it but I'm more of a fan of the stinky kush smell not the fruity smelling weed. Not saying it's bad just not my preference. Taste when smoking is average. I have definitely had much worse. The high however was great! Strong long lasting buzz for sure! - Dec 07, 2022

I will second Trail’s review. I was at Winterpop ‘71. Same venue, same hash, different show.

goodtimesslim - Dec 05, 2022

Sold me a pound of moldy trash rotted weed and tell me, "well it shouldn't have mold, but it's so cheap, go fuck yourself." This is NOT hashplant. These people have no idea about weed or what they are selling. Never ordering from here again. $275 in the garbage. I literally have put the entire pound in the garbage. It's worthless. They bought a wholesale batch of trash and expect the customer to make up their loss. TRASH SHIT COMPANY. Never ordering from this site again .

goodtimesslim - Dec 04, 2022

They send me a pound of black trash mold weed, I send them pictures as proof and their response is "Sorry to hear you were not happy with this, but yeah the $275 lb should not have black mold all over it, but it definitely isn't of quality.. Probably the cheapest weed possible and not sure what you normally get for $275" No offer of a refund or replacement. I'm out $275 and cannot smoke this weed or sell it to anyone. It's full of BLACK MOLD

goodtimesslim - Dec 04, 2022

This batch is utter trash. Looks like black moldy ditch weed. Can't smoke it or sell it. 100% trash. No idea why it's even for sale.

Too lit - Dec 04, 2022

Can’t complain 🔥🔥🔥

Marcus Thompson - Dec 04, 2022

Straight fire 🔥🔥🔥

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