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Points & Loyalty Program

Every $1 spent earns you 1 Point. 1000 Points is worth $5.

Cannawholesalers Loyalty Program

We’re pleased to announce that our loyalty program is up and running. You can shop your favorite cannabis products from flowers to edibles get even a better for the buck! Silver Member - $2,000+ 1.5% Off All Orders, Gold Member - $5,000+ 3% Off All Orders, Diamond Member - $10,000+ 5% Off All Orders! This is calculated on total spent on lifetime purchases and discounts are automatically applied!

How does it work?

Very simple. We award points anytime you purchase our products.

How are points calculated?

While shopping on our site, every dollar spent will earn you 1 points. So if you spend $100 on our site, you’ll be awarded 100 points. Every 1000 points can be redeemed for $5 worth of store credit and there’s literally no limit on how many points you can earn.

How do I check my current points?

You see your current points on “My Account” page.

How do I redeem my points?

On the checkout page, you will be prompted if you want to apply your points to the total amount. You can enter the number of points you’d like to apply and the corresponding discount will automatically be applied to the cart total.

Any Specific Rules?

Yes only one! You can choose to either use reward points or coupon codes on the same order. If you enter a coupon code into your cart then you won’t be able to redeem points on the same order.

Cannawholesalers Points FAQ

The discounts are automatically applied at checkout and ranked on the total life time spendings of a customer

Silver Members (1.5% Off) = Customers who spent over $2,000

Gold Members (3% Off) = Customers who spent over $5,000

Diamond Members(5% Off) = Customers who spent over $10,000