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Magic mushrooms are fungi that contain psilocybin and psilocin compounds. Both compounds have hallucinogenic properties, and there are well over 75 subtropical species of mushrooms that contain them.

Canna Wholesalers is proud to provide our customers with the tools they need to better themselves in a healthy and natural way. Magic mushrooms are a big step up from marijuana, and it is natural to be a little anxious if you have not tried them before. If you have any questions or concerns, do some research or contact us directly. The experts at Canna Wholesalers are always happy to help.

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Buy Magic Mushrooms Online in Canada

Canna Wholesalers has long been a top tier online marijuana dispensary. We truly believe in the medicinal and therapeutic properties of the plant and take immense pride in providing it to our customers in the most affordable and efficient way possible. As purveyors and advocates of natural medicine, it only makes sense that we, also, are major supporters of the therapeutic, psychological, and recreational benefits of magic mushrooms. If you are looking to buy magic mushrooms online in Canada, why not go with a trustworthy source that has been providing consumers with top-notch marijuana products for years? Just like marijuana, we are committed to providing the magic mushroom community with the highest quality products available.

What are magic mushrooms?

Many of the species look similar and, like consuming any wild fungus, not knowing what you are eating can have bad consequences. Given that magic mushrooms produce an altered state of consciousness for the user, it is best to leave the procurement of them to the professionals. That’s where Canna Wholesalers step in!

How do you consume magic mushrooms?

Like cannabis, there are many ways to consume magic mushrooms. Many users do not like the taste of raw, dried magic mushrooms though that is a totally acceptable way to achieve the desired effects. You can also crush up the desired amount to add to a tea, take pre-fabricated pill capsules that generally equate to a micro-dose, or enjoy an edible like a brownie or chocolate. In general, it takes half an hour to forty-five minutes to feel the effects – with an empty stomach leading to a stronger and faster come-up.

Mushrooms: Effects and Dosage

Magic mushrooms have a variety of benefits that differ with dosage. From simple mood enhancement to full-on euphoria and existential breakthroughs, users have control over their experience, and every individual will be different. In general, a micro-dose can be considered consuming .05 – .25g of magic mushrooms and will not produce psychoactive effects but will generally decrease stress, enhance your mood and mindfulness, alleviate conditions such as depression/anxiety/PTSD, and increase focus and creativity. Heightened euphoria, mystical experiences, increased senses, a strong body high, visuals, and synesthesia will often accompany a moderate dose of 2 – 3.5g.

Megadoses of 5 grams or more should be reserved for experienced users only and will produce a major trip. In this level of magic mushroom consumption, users will often experience intense feelings of wonder, life-changing philosophical insight, ego death, intense feelings of both good and bad emotions, visuals, and otherworldly experiences. Again, this level of dosage should be left for experienced users only.