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At Cannawholesalers, you can buy edible capsules online in Canada, along with our other high-grade cannabis products and accessories. We have both CBD and THC capsule options for you to choose from. Either way, our cannabis capsule products are designed for optimum efficiency and effectiveness.

Edible cannabis capsules are a more discreet way of ingesting cannabis. With capsules there is no need to be concerned about the smell of smoke, vapor or the plants themselves. You can take them just like any other pill, and each pill contains exactly the dosage of cannabinoid that the bottle lists. Capsules are easy to absorb and take effect relatively quickly. Capsules are a perfect way to catch a buzz without having to smoke or vape.

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THC: 100MG    

MOTA Capsules 100mg THC

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MOTA Capsules 100mg THC

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THC: 50MG    
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MOTA THC Capsules 50mg THC

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MOTA THC Capsules 50mg THC

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Buy Capsules Online: a safe and discreet way to consume marijuana

There is no need to stash or hide them like your flowers or edibles. Capsules are convenient to include in your daily routine.

You may not want the psychoactive effect of THC. For you, all of our capsules come in CBD version. This is a great way to experience the health benefits linked to using cannabis. CBD is known to be an effective for treatment for anxiety and has stress-relieving properties. It’s also considered to be an anti-inflammatory.

High Quality THC & CBD Capsules

Cannawholesalers maintains a level of quality that represents the interest of some pretty picky growers in BC. From tinctures to capsules, we want your experience to be as high in quality as the cannabis itself. Shop online at your convenience, for our cannabis capsule products.