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Bubble Gum Hash


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Product Description

*Manufactured in BC*

No, its’ not Hubba Bubba but it sure does taste and smell like it! Bubble Gum Kush is a unique strain of hash that’s made right here in the heart of British Columbia. Processors specifically grow Bubble Gum Kush and collect its’ precious trichomes to press into a pleasantly sweet and candy-flavoured hash. A great option for those who want to brighten up their rotation and switch away from the typically earthy or spicy flavour profiles of most traditional hashes. Bubble Gum Hash offers an uplifting and cerebral high that is accentuated by its’ bright flavours and fruity undertones.



  • 1 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    Wow this is terrible hash, i was mislead by the description thinking this was actually made with bubble-gum kush, but this is not made with bubble gum kush, its actually an terpene infused/flavored hash the bubble gum flavor is a actually added, it smells like fake bubble gum, because as we all know bubble gum is not a natural flavor, the terpenes that have been infused into this make the smoke very harsh, it smells like a man made bubble gum smell, tastes a lot like that terrible coffee crisp hash. I'm super disappointed, I've been buying here since 2017 and have never had a bad experience, but i do feel very mislead by the description cannawholsalers used for this, if i knew it was terpene infused and not real bubble gum Kush hash, i would not have bought it. now i have a half ounce of this stuff and i can't even bring myself to smoke it, its just that awful...

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