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Hightimes Growery – Gobstopper – Budget Ounce

  • THC: 31.92%
  • CBD: >1%

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

Product Description

*Mixed Flower Ounce Discounts DO NOT APPLY to budget ounces*

From time to time, we offer budget ounces for customers as a courtesy because we understand not all customers are able to afford 8 ounces for the 45% discount. This is great for those on a budget who can only purchase single ounces. By no means is this a lower quality product just because it’s a budget ounce (28 grams). We took a great strain and put it at a great price point.

Bud Size: Medium – Large
Texture:  Slightly Sticky

Flavours: Fruity / Sweet / Pungent
Batch Date: April 3 – 2022

Hightimes Growery = Grown from one of the most premium facilities in Canada. The price may be expensive, but you will certainly get what you pay for! From seed to table all the flowers are delicately cured and trimmed to perfection. Although THC might be the most important in getting the “high effect” these growers focus on flavours, taste and terpene profile as well. Just like well known craft growers, these gardeners thrive to go beyond AAAA while maintaining one of the best reputation in BC.

Gobbstopper is a berry flavored indica strain and the second entry in Alphakronik Genes’ Wonka Series. Created by crossing Purple Urkle and Sin City Kush, Gobbstopper’s long-lasting fruity flavor opens up on the nose with sweet, tart fruit and savory earthiness. This strain’s aroma ranges from grape Pez with hints of tapioca to Mt. Hood raspberries and sandalwood. Its bud structure reflects its Kush genetics, offering deep colors and healthy trichome coverage. The effects are relaxing and floaty, “making you feel as if you were floating down a river of warm, melted chocolate,” or so says Alphakronik.


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