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White Lightning Budder (Top Shelf)

  • THC: 80 - 90 % THC
  • CBD: >1%

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Product Description

Flavours: Sweet / Terpy
Texture: Maleable / Dense

Bred by British Columbia Seed Company, White Lightning is an indica-dominant hybrid that combines White Widow and Northern Lights #5. Though counterbalanced by White Widow’s hybrid genetics, White Lightning induces a deep indica calm that relieves pain, nausea, and anxiety. Dusted in a heavy coat of sugary trichome crystals, White Lightning has a sweet, fruity aroma with floral, skunky undertones. Among the most common conditions treated with White Lightning are multiple sclerosis, insomnia, anorexia, Parkinson’s, and the side effects of chemotherapy. White Lightning flowers in 8 weeks, and grows best in hydroponic systems and sea of green environments.


  • 5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    Dans les meilleur budder que j'ai jamais fumer. Wow un produit de luxe je pourrais dire à un prix plus que convenable. Ma femme a la sclérose et elle m'a dit que sa avais une effet immédiat sur ces main... à recommander.

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