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Bob Vape Pen Refill 0.5 Ml (No Battery)

  • THC: 95-98%

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Product Description


Bob is a new entry into vape pen market that comes complete with 510 Threaded refills and kits. One thing that Bob knows is no one likes unnecessary additives, and they have made sure that are completely PG, VG, PEG and MCT oil free. Each cartridge contains top-notch distillates and terpenes, with 600mg of distillate.

This refill is loaded with the Clem Entine Hybrid distillate. Expect an uplifting high that will keep you talking for hours in social situations, but this strain can also smoked alone with the intention of chilling out, as it will take the edge off nicely. You’ll notice some hints of citrus when you smoke this.

NOTE: These refills ARE 510 thread.

PLEASE NOTE: Bob products ONLY use natural extracts and are completely PG, VG, PEG and MCT oil free. Our clients health and safety is very important to us. We strive to provide the highest quality product not only in taste but also in safety.

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