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Mercedes Hash Version 2

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Product Description

This batch of hash is mixed with shatter oil! Different from Version 1 which is a typical hash oil. Potency comes up around the same! 

More Details:

Mercedes Hash is a type of hashish, or concentrated cannabis, that is made using traditional techniques and high-quality cannabis plants. It is named after the Mercedes-Benz brand of luxury automobiles, which is a symbol of quality and refinement.

To make Mercedes Hash, the trichomes, or resin glands, are collected from the cannabis plant using a variety of techniques. These trichomes are then pressed and heated to form a solid, sticky substance that is rich in THC and other cannabinoids.

Mercedes Hash has a distinctive appearance, with a dark brown or black color and a smooth, glass-like texture. It has a strong and pungent aroma, with earthy and spicy notes that are typical of high-quality hashish.

When consumed, Mercedes Hash produces potent and long-lasting effects that can be both mentally and physically stimulating. Many users report feelings of euphoria, relaxation, and increased creativity, as well as relief from pain and other symptoms.

Overall, Mercedes Hash is a high-quality type of hashish that is made using traditional techniques and top-grade cannabis plants. Its potent effects and distinctive aroma make it a favorite among hashish connoisseurs and cannabis enthusiasts especially given the price factor.


*Manufactured in BC*

*Quality and stamps differs with new batches, smaller amounts are always recommended before bulk purchases*



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