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Best Online Dispensary in Prince Edward Island

Canna Wholesalers is a fully-equipped and professional cannabis dispensary with an online boutique feel to it, serving both medical and non-medical cannabis users in Charlottetown, Summerside, Souris, Kensington, Alberton, Stratford, Cornwall, Montague, and surrounding areas.

We provide all the cannabis needs you need in one location, including a cool, comfortable online shopping experience, knowledgeable budtenders, and expert educational cannabis courses. We also manage all of our products so you can focus on what you enjoy.

Over 80 British Columbia Cannabis producers

We offer a large range of cannabis products from top strains, all the way up to post-psychoactive hemp oil tinctures. Simply put, we are devoted to bringing you the best cannabis products at the best possible prices. At Canna Wholesalers, we understand that the best way to enjoy cannabis is from a therapeutically-grade, pure, and knowledgeable seed to garden.  You can trust our reputations in cannabis-based Herbal medicine.  We deliver fully organic and lab-tested products, from budtenders with an extensive background in medical cannabis to concentrates of all types, all fresh from our small manufacturing factory, all tested by our in house team and using ethically produced and made products and CBD oil, at the lowest possible prices.

We offer a ginormous range of marijuana products, from fresh dried flowers and wax to infused butter and chocolate. Whether you’re looking for edible products or topicals for flowers, we have something for you.

Buy Cannabis Flowers, Hash, Shatter, Edibles, CBD products online in all cities over Prince Edward Island

Our buyer discreetly establishes relationships with the industry’s leading growers, and we carefully manage the supply chain to ensure our clients’ plants receive the highest quality possible.

If you’re looking to sample a range of different marijuana products, Canada Cannabis Dispensary has a range of edibles and topicals for you to try. Whether you want to relax or practice at home, we have something for you.

Visit our online shop, and you’ll be assured of finding a strain from the top producers in all cities. For over 30 years, we’ve been the leading supplier of premium cannabis products for the cannabis industry.

A secure and private way to buy Cannabis in Prince Edward Island

  • Security: When you order your cannabis from Cannawholesalers, you can be assured of your privacy. All packages are discreetly unmarked with no indication of contents on the package. The contents are also double vacuum sealed, making the package completely odourless.
  • Privacy: We keep your information protected on our encrypted backend software to protect all our customers. If you’re looking to buy marijuana online with full privacy, then we are here at your service.