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At CannaWholesalers, we have built our reputation by providing the most affordable, convenient, and highest quality marijuana products available in Canada.

While it may seem new and strange now, online shopping for marijuana products is the wave of the future and Canna WholeSalers in Edmonton is leading the charge.  We boast an incredible selection at affordable prices and unmatched convenience — shipping to everywhere in Edmonton and beyond.

To become the best in the field of Edmonton online marijuana delivery, the professionals at Canna Wholesalers have worked tirelessly to perfect the system, product, pricing, and delivery and are happy to announce that we are now at the top of our game.

Buy Weed Online with Wholesalers prices in Edmonton

What truly sets us apart as an online dispensary in Edmonton is the convenience and affordability we provide.  Our products are very competitively priced and boast something for everyone in terms of price-quality balance.

Further, the convenience of doorstep delivery just cannot be beat.  Canna WholeSalers has a minimum of $150 per order but, with that, comes free Canada Xpress Post shipping —guaranteeing that your products will arrive on your doorstep in two to three business days.

If you need your order even faster, it is only an additional $50 to have it arrive the next day.

You can also purchase large quantities of delicious weed with a price as low as $1650 per pound or kilograms of hash at $2750.

NOTE: When you buy ounces, you can get up to 45% discount– available for quantities of up to 8 ounces.

Buy Cannabis Flowers, Hash, Shatter, Edibles, CBD products online in all cities around Edmonton

By working with more than eighty local Canadian producers we have a larger variety of cannabis products than most brick and mortar dispensaries can offer.

From flowers and hash to concentrates and edibles we have you covered no matter your preference.  A wide variety of indicasativa, and hybrids are always on the menu as are many different options for CBD products in the form of capsulesedibles, and isolate.

Because we work with so many different growers and producers we can all but guarantee you will be able to find what you are looking for in our massive online inventory.  Further, if your absolute favorite product is out of stock, you can rest easy knowing that it won’t be long before we have more on our shelves ready to ship to you!

A secure and private way to buy Cannabis in British Columbia

  • Security: When you order your cannabis from Cannawholesalers, you can be assured of your privacy. All packages are discreetly unmarked with no indication of contents on the package. The contents are also double vacuum sealed, making the package completely odourless.
  • Privacy: We keep your information protected on our encrypted backend software to protect all our customers. If you’re looking to buy marijuana online with full privacy, then we are here at your service.