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What moon rocks are?

What Are Moon Rocks?

Moon Rocks

Cannabis moon rocks are an incredibly potent cannabis concentrate made by taking buds of marijuana flower and dipping them in extracts for extra flavour, as well as increasing the THC levels. They are then rolled in kief, a powder containing a high concentration of cannabis resin glands. Moon rocks generally have an average THC content of more than 50%, making them ideal for those looking for a potent experience.

Moon rocks stand out from other cannabis products because of their unique combination of flavours, effects and textures, and their crunchy texture due to being doused in kief, giving them an extra layer of complexity. The taste can vary depending on the strain used to make the moon rock, but they commonly include citrusy, earthy, sweet and skunky undertones. Expect intense psychoactive effects when smoking moon rocks because of their higher potency.

The Origin of Moonrocks

Moonrocks came about as a result of the merging of cannabis culture and hip-hop music and a collaboration between Kurupt (Ricardo E. Brown) and Dr. Zodiak (Daniel Laughlin), two prominent figures in their respective fields. Together, they created the mixtape project from which moon rocks were born. Moon rocks have become an increasingly popular product in the cannabis industry. Together, these two created something truly remarkable that has taken hold within hip-hop culture­– especially amongst those who appreciate cannabis as much as hip-hop music.

How Potent Are They?

Its formidable potency makes it attractive for experienced consumers looking for an extra punch, though novices should proceed with caution when indulging in this powerful substance!

Moon rocks typically consist of flowers (cannabis buds) dipped or coated in hash oil and then rolled in kief, a concentrated powder derived from sifting dried trichomes off the buds of the cannabis plant. This combination makes moon rocks particularly potent; most varieties contain more than 50% THC. As such, users should be aware that these products can produce an intense high that would not be experienced with dried flowers alone.

How Are They Consumed?

You’ll need to smoke moon rocks out of a glass pipe because they are too sticky for a joint. Also, grinding moon rocks can be difficult, as it requires a powerful grinder and plenty of elbow grease. The texture of the rock is dense and compact, but the layer of kief on the outside is likely to gunk up your grinder more than any other material. This means that it will be necessary to clean and maintain your grinder more often when working with moon rocks. It also means that you will need to hold a flame to your bowl for longer than usual to get an even burn from the rock.

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