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8 snacks ideas for the munchies

Cannabis and the Munchies

Cannabinoids are the cause of the munchies, specifically THC, which binds to the cannabinoid receptors in our brains, stimulating the appetite and even improving our perception of the taste of the food.

The brain is composed of multiple distinct parts dedicated to specific functions. For instance, the limbic system controls our emotions, including our moods. Meanwhile, the hypothalamus helps regulate our appetite by sending signals to us that tell us when it’s time to eat and when it’s time to stop eating. When THC is introduced into the hypothalamus, it promotes the release of the hormone ghrelin, triggering an increase in hunger and cravings for food. In addition, it has been suggested that THC may also stimulate reward centers within the brain associated with pleasure and satisfaction after consuming food, further reinforcing our desire for food.

Get Ahead of the High

One of the major reasons why people opt for unhealthy processed food is its convenience and ease of access. But this doesn’t mean that healthy options aren’t available; with a little bit of effort and planning, nutritious meals can be just as convenient. Thinking ahead is key for making sure that you have tasty treats on hand when cravings strike. Planning your munchies ahead of time allows you to prepare snacks that are healthier and not filled with junk. Having healthy options available can help prevent unhealthy choices from being made when hunger pangs set in, and you’re just looking to satisfy a craving. Taking the time to plan for snacks can ensure that you have both delicious and nutritious snacks at the ready! If you take into consideration your dietary restrictions, preferences, and availability, you can be sure that you get the most out of your snack time.

For example, pre-prepared or frozen fruits and vegetables are readily accessible in grocery stores, making it much easier to incorporate them into meals. Additionally, there are plenty of quick and easy snacks that can provide essential vitamins and minerals without sacrificing flavour.

8 Snack Ideas

You can make most of your decisions at the grocery store. Bring home some roasted veggie chips, unsalted roasted nuts, or seed mixes. Look for trail mixes with dried fruits and unsalted seeds, or if certain fruits are available, pick up a variety of fruits. Also, keep some hydration nearby. Here is a short list of some snack ideas for satisfying weed cravings:

Chopped fruit or veggies with a dash of peanut butter
Ice cream with strawberries
Dip some pretzels in Greek yogurt
Popcorn (try non-chemical kettle corn)
Nuts and honey
A carbonated, sugar-free drink
Dark chocolate (some include nuts)
Instead of deep-fat fried russet potato fries, try baked sweet potato fries.
With a little pre-planning, you can avoid the impulse to grab the fastest way to chow down.

Good Ideas from Canna Wholesalers

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